Client FAQ’s

When will I receive my stimulus payment?

Any stimulus payments received will be processed as one full payment to the Client the third Wednesday in the same month received. SMILE Payee Services does not have any additional stimulus payments information. Please contact the IRS for further information. 

Can I request additional money for personal needs?

Client Monthly Budgets are calculated to give Clients all of their money for the month and there will not be any extra money for requests.  SMILE Payee Services  programs Wednesday Weekly Allotments Personal Needs STARTING at 11:00 am.

Can I make changes to my monthly rent payment?

SMILE Payee Services requires minimum seven (7) days advance notice to update preprogrammed Client rent payments.

When will my changes go into effect?

SMILE Payee Services processes Client requests once a week on Friday, to be deposited the next Wednesday in the month along with their next Wednesday Weekly Allotments Personal Needs.

Why did my Wednesday Weekly Allotments Personal Needs amount change?

Depending on current Client account balance, any requests, monthly bills, or other expenses may reduce the amount of Wednesday Weekly Allotments Personal Needs available for the rest of the month.